Organised by CiTTi Magazine, CiTTi Live provides an exciting platform to discuss, learn and debate the latest legislation, regulations and policies driving the implementation and development of current and next-gen urban mobility and traffic technologies.

The conference will highlight current approaches and future thinking from major towns and cities around the UK via in-depth cases study presentations and lively panel discussions. It will examine how towns and cities are working with central government policymakers, regional and local authorities, transport operators and solution providers to deploy solutions and services that help move people, goods and materials through our urban environments safely, efficiently and cleanly.

Attendees to this unmissable event will learn about solutions enabling truly sustainable and connected public transport networks for businesses and active urban commuters; the latest congestion-reduction and road pricing schemes ensuring smooth traffic flow around key areas in cities; innovative monitoring systems aiding low- and zero-emission initiatives in key city areas, and incentives for logistics companies to use greener delivery vehicles.

Themes and technologies presented at CiTTi Live include urban logistics and last-mile delivery, clean air initiatives, electric vehicles, connected and autonomous vehicles, smart parking systems, mobility-as-a-service, micromobility and multi-modal transport solutions, road user charging, intelligent transportation systems, congestion reduction and road safety.


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